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Harrison, Monona, Shelby ECI
Funded Programs


Learning for Life provides families with young children personalized home visits with a certified parent educator.  The parent educator will help the parent(s) give your child the best possible start in life by helping increase confidence and knowledge of child development and parenting skills.  For more information about each program please contact the following educators in your county.

Learning for Life Contacts by County:

Harrison County:
Sherri Webb or Tabbi Melby
at (712) 644-2220

Monona County: Web Site
Andrea Gibson or Cora Fox at (712) 433-1773

Shelby County:
Rhonda Anderson or Karla Berndt at (712) 755-4296

Reach for The Stars: is designed to support the early care and educational applicants while they create and implement individualized action plans of improvement and/or enhancement while applying for ChildNet Certification and/or a Quality Rating System rating. The Reach for the Stars project design allows the delivery of child care consultation to the first time applicant to child care providers working at mastery levels of early care and education requiring further professional development and/or enhancement of the learning environment. Direct all questions to

Kelsey Smith,
Child Care Consultant
Child Care Resource and Referral
300 W Broadway Ste 35
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
712-322-2621 Ext 33

Child Care Nurse Consultant(CCNC) program is designed to improve the health and safety of Iowa’s children while they are enrolled in child care and early education settings.  The CCNC works closely with childcare providers, offering health and safety assessments, child record reviews, training, and consultation services through on- site visits, telephone, and email contacts.  These services improve the quality of care provided to the families and children participating in care.

  Child Care Nurse Consultant:
Chris Lee at (712) 263-3303


Preschool Scholarships Guidelines
Harrison, Monona, Shelby Early Childhood Iowa FY2018

  • Child entering preschool will need to be 3 by September 15, 2017.
  • Student will need to be a resident of Harrison, Monona, or Shelby County and attending a quality preschool working with HMS Early Childhood Iowa.
  • The attending preschool will provide quality preschool services by having evidence of a quality program as those recommended by the state under the Preschool Funding to Low-Income Families Tool CC. Quality initiatives include QRS, QPPS state verification, and/or Head Start program standards.
  • Scholarships applications received will be approved for families under the 200% poverty level. First come first serve basis, 3, 4, and 5 year olds will be approved at a max of $150/month. Families below the 100% poverty level and are on a Head Start waiting list or cannot transport to a Head Start program will be approve 100% of their tuition.
  • Scholarship applications are required to submit to the HMS Early Childhood Iowa Office documentation of income. Families are required to submit the past 3 months of pay stubs and the last year’s completed and signed income tax forms (first two pages).
  • HMS Early Childhood Iowa Office will notify applicants that qualify for Head Start and recommend families to contact the Head Start Administration Office. Families choosing not to send their child to Head Start will need to show justification, such as, lack of transportation or waiting list at Head Start to be approved to receive funds.
  • Preschools will need to define preschool time, days, and cost. Preschools scholarships will be only paid September through May or 9 months.
  • Preschools that charge per day will need to clarify if students are charged for days they are absent. If all students are charged for days not attending preschool, HMS Early Childhood Iowa will not pay for absent days and this becomes the parent’s responsibility.
  • Preschools submit attendance of student for reimbursement. Students are required to attend 85% of the time each month. The preschool will need to submit reason why the child’s attendance record is below 85%.
  • Parents of students are required to assist the attending preschool in volunteering as needed.
  • Those applications that fall between 200% and 250% of the poverty level are eligible for a scholarship up to 80% of their preschool tuition normally paid by HMS ECI. For more information please contact the HMS ECI Office at (712) 433-9553; 610 Iowa Avenue, Onawa, Iowa 51040.

More Information Contact:
Diane Foss at (712) 433-9553
Preschool Tuition Application (PDF)



Oral Health – ISMILE provides gap-filling direct care services to improve and maintain the oral health status of children in our area.  A registered dental hygienist visits all the preschools in the area providing oral hygiene education, oral health screenings, and fluoride varnish applications for all children who return consents to the school.     

  Oral Health Hygienist:
Jennifer Macke at (712) 263-3303



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